In the spring of 2019, GLORIA CYCU demonstrated its deep determination and high activity in “Industry-Academia collaboration”. In addition to opening a series of industrial exchanges, it also provides the communication platform with diversified fields including talents, marketing, and professional support that companies need. At the end of December, immediately following the beginning of January, GLORIA CYCU launched an international membership signing ceremony with “Bangkok Die-casting and Injection Co., Ltd.” and “Friendwell Group USA cum You Yuan”. In the future, it will strengthen international exchanges and promote cooperation between industry and education, and integrate resources, to build a closer strategic partnership with symbiosis and common prosperity.

Bangkok Die-casting and Injection Co., Ltd, BDI Group, has been established for nearly 40 years and mainly engaged in aluminum alloy die-casting for some parts of cars and motorcycles and plastic molding products. Its main customers are Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and other cars & motorcycles companies, with annual revenue of more than 2.5 billion baht. Today, the group has more than 1,000 Thai employees and 2 advanced factories covering an area of 26,000 square meters. In the past, the manufacturing industry was a traditional industry. The manufacturing process relied on the experience of technicians. Repeated testing by trial and error was a waste of time, raw materials and energy consumption.

(Photo: BDI Group joined as a GLORIA CYCU VIP member)

If an enterprise wants to upgrade, in addition to purchasing automation equipment, it must be matched with a Standard Operation Procedure, SOP; therefore, the data and results can be traced. CYCU Smart Manufacturing Center assist the BDI Group in the establishment of an SOP, and introduced Computer Aided Engineering, CAE, to solve a variety of difficult cases on the process. The signing VIPs include Ling-Gin Zhang, vice chairperson of BDI Group and Qi-Xiong Cai, CEO of BDI Group. Director Xia-Zong Chen, Professor Wen-Ren Zhong and CEO Jia-Ye Wang, represent CYCU GLORIA and the CYCU Smart Manufacturing Center. that he hopes to join the VIP member with GLORIA CYCU, to introduce the energy of Taiwan’s excellent Industry-Academia in fields of molding and mold technology consulting, advanced injection molding technology application, new generation molding factory technical consultant and training, collaboration, then assisted BDI in strengthening its core competitiveness and technology upgrade.

(Photo: BDI Group CEO & others visited the demonstration line of smart manufacturing center)

Friendwell Group of Companies headquarters in New Jersey. Since its inception in 1996, from a local construction company, it developed into a multinational company, and collaborate with many well-known hotel brands, owns dozens of shopping malls and commercial office buildings. To Sign a VIP membership with CYCU GLORIA, Friendwell Group of Companies said that the long-term goal is to cultivate the Independent-designed ability and designers, while CYCU has abundant design energy and talent resources. The signing cum establishing of Affinity Engineering Co. Ltd. is to set up a presence near the school, in order to facilitate long-term planning and a closer partnership.

(Photo: Friendwell Group of Companies signed as a GLORIA CYCU international member)

GLORIA CYCU CEO Wang, further explains that Design school of CYCU has won international awards for more than 30 years, such as the German iF Award, Berlin Design Awards, London Design Awards, I-ding, A’ Design Award, International Property Awards, German Design Award. Obviously, diversified development fields and professional competence of Design school of CYCU earned much international recognition. The new company established in the signing with the Friendwell Group of Companies that stationed in the school, is the integration of the design school’s profound energy and soft power, making it for the society, giving back to the society, and creating a win-win situation in industries. In the future, we will see more companies having an alliance with CYCU GLORIA to create more successful tangible achievements in Industry-Academia collaboration!

(Photo: The signing cum establishing of Affinity Engineering Co. Ltd. is to set up a presence near the school, in order to facilitate long-term planning and a closer partnership.)