Chung Yuan Christen University held a GLORIA opening ceremony on March 12. GLORIA CYCU was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. A lot of dignitaries gave supports by showing up at the ceremony.

99.9% purification in 7 minutes to ensure safety of blood transfusion as a pioneer of blood purification”

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) promoted the “Germination Program” since 2011 on 13 March; researcher teams of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) and National Central University (NCU) were invited to announce the achievements. The head of the research team from CYCU & GLORIA CYCU, Professor Chang Yong, announces the world’s fastest and most effective white blood cell filtering device, which have been developed for 8 years since 2011, is expected to hit the commercial market in the fourth quarter of 2019. The potential market is estimated to be 30 billion per year globally. On the other hand, the team from NCU invented a food allergen detection device, which is also expected to hit the commercial market in the future. The device can detect the presence of certain allergens in less than two minutes. It goes without saying that Taiwan possesses world-class talents in the field of research and development.

(Pro. Chang Yung (second from the right) lead the team, invented a series of product sets for anticoagulant leukocyte depletion filter in the R&D center for membrane technology & GLORIA CYCU in Chung Yuan Christian University)

Professor Chang Yong highlights the device is the 4th white blood cell filtering device in the world which obtains FDA510K approval for market. “PuriBlood Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” (referred as PuriBlood), a derivative new company, developed the technology, the white blood cell filtering device, into a series of product sets, “Anti- coagulation Leukocyte Reduction Filters”. Anti- coagulation Leukocyte Reduction Filters dramatically accelerates the safety of blood transfusion, and largely avoids triggering the complications during blood transfusion procedures, which may cause extra significant medical expense. Merely through the membrane filtration device, the medical staff in blood donation centers and medical institutions can precisely deplete white-blood cells with ease. In November 2018, the red blood cells (RBCs) concentrates obtained FDA510K approval for market and is estimated to hit the market in the quarter of 2019. The annual business opportunity in the market is at least 30 billion.

Professor Chang Yong says, “We use the principle of the way molecules arranged to get the degree of deviation in charge, and distinguish different blood cell, to design the core technology. If not depleting white-blood cells to a certain degree in the preparation for blood transfusion, side effects may occur, such as febrile reaction, so you may get a fever or infection with virus…etc symptoms. Recently, more than 20 countries have passed the Universal Leukoreduction (ULR) Act, which specified leukocytes reduction as a necessary procedure for blood transfusion, yet Taiwan has not passed the act. “A series of product sets for anticoagulant leukocyte depletion filter” invented by PuriBlood is the world’s fastest and most effective white blood cell filtering device. The device only takes around 7 minutes to accurately filter more than 99.9% of white blood cells (WBCs) in a bag of human blood, 40% faster than other devices, and greatly improves blood transfusion safety.

“PuriBlood Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” was founded in 2016 and completed the seed fundraising in the same year. The company also won the “13th National Innovation Award”- “Glory of the New Start-up Enterprise Award” of the National Biotechnology and Medical Industry Policy Association. The core technology in PuriBlood is based on “Zwitterionic charge-bias structure in the specific capture technology of human leukocytes”, which is developed from the R&D center for membrane technology in Chung Yuan Christian University. In 2017, PuriBlood set up the first automated manufacturing line at Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, where smart manufacturing intelligence is quite popular, to produce leukocyte reduction filters, which integrated the design and the combination of multi-layer membrane assemble process and melting-cut packaging program. In November 2018, the company acquired the US FDA510K license for market based on the ISO13485 certification.

In 2019, with the assistance from the industry liaison expert group of the GLORIA in Chung Yuan Christian University ( referred as GLORIA CYCU), PuriBlood is going to raise their first round external fundraising. The CEO of GLORIA CYCU says, “There are only four companies produce leukocyte reduction filters in the world, and PuriBlood is one of these. From researching to manufacturing, the leukocyte reduction filters are completely developed in Taiwan, with Taiwan-made components. I believe that under the precondition of technological innovation and international competitiveness, PuriBlood will be a global pioneering start-up company in blood purification soon. In addition, it is a good way to improve the safety of blood transfusion and the health care quality in Taiwan through the research and development of the world-class leukocyte reduction profession.”

(MOST held Germination Program Wrap-up
Presentation on13th, March.)