Opening Ceremony of CYCU New Building tentative name Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Attend

(New Building (tentative name) of CYCU was completed, being the first complete industry 4.0 system of working platform in Taiwan. Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Yu-Chin Hsu, and mayor of Taoyuan city, Wen-Tsan Cheng and other dignity representatives from other work fields attended to the opening ceremony.)

Focusing on ‘Global Research & Industry Alliance and smart manufacturing’ as core-value, Chung Yuan Christen University constructed New Building (tentative name), a 1,642 pin three-story building, was completed and formally opened on March 12. Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Yu-Chin Hsu, mayor of Taoyuan city, Wen-Tsan Cheng, Chairman of Walsin Lihwa Corp., You-Lun, Chiao, and other dignity representatives from other work fields attended to the opening ceremony. Other than that, they all expected New Building (tentative name) may become ‘Asian Silicon Valley’ and an essential site for smart technology in Taoyuan, hoping to help develop national industries and to break new ground for Taoyuan city. On the very day of the ceremony, the company of industrial sectors from Thailand, Malaysia, respectively, CEO of BDI GROUP, Qi-Xiong Tsai, president of Malaysia Taiwan Industry Academia Research Entrepreneurship Center, Jun-Neng Fang, and Indonesia signed a membership and MOU with GLORIA CYCU.

( Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science, Yu-Chin Hsu, attended to the opening ceremony of New Building (tentative name) of CYCU, remarked that Taiwan is home of technology and was glad to see the cooperation of industry-academic. )

Yu-Chin Hsu remarked that he is more than glad to see the completion of New Building (tentative name), since Taiwan is home of technology, and technology is changing rapidly. Also, to respond to the transformation demands of the fourth industrial revolution in Taiwan. New Building (tentative name) possessed the most complete system of industry 4.0 automatic assembly lines and the biggest working platform, also, the integration of interdisciplinary technology to drive innovation on industry-academic cooperation. New Building (tentative name) has become an important place to cultivate talented people, more importantly, to promote more industry-academic collaboration. Meanwhile, he looks forward the Hall playing a big part in industry-academic collaboration with the southward country. On the other hand, GLORIA CYCU was selected as executive university submitted to Ministry of Science and Technology, through the knowledge power of the university and smart manufacturing platform to promote local industry.

A 500 pin, international profile industry 4.0 of smart manufacturing working platform was constructed on the first floor at New Building (tentative name). Through monitoring and integration of the cloud platform, the system can perform includes designing, manufacturing, testing to making the model. In addition, New Building (tentative name) has the core technology of hardware and software of industry 4.0, the internet of things, cloud platform, big data, 3D printing, smart manufacturing and artificial intellect and etc., with all those above, Chung Yuan Christen University can be said to have the most complete working platform so far. President of CYCU, Samuel K.C. Chang indicated that CYCU was started departments of Science and Engineering from scratch, and has cultivated a lot of talented people who dedicated themselves to important national projects. The completion of New Building (tentative name) symbolized that CYCU will keep cultivating more outstanding man for the future.

(GLORIA CYCU expected to realize Smart Factory through the integration of information technology, software, the internet of things, etc.)

New Building (tentative name) chained the feature of CYCU, smart manufacturing system, up with the manufacturing management platform, automation equipment and industrial robot of Delta, Automated Optical Inspection of ITRI, enterprise resource planning system of ASDC, and various resources from other fields. With all the advantages Taiwan has in this field, famous companies from Switzerland, Austria, and Japan has participated in various projects. This not only boosted international cross-domain collaboration but provided young people a chance to learn practically. Mayor of Taoyuan city, Wen-Tsan Cheng considered GLORIA CYCU the role model of industry-academic collaboration. Add on top of that, Taoyuan city hall appointed CYCU to make a comprehensive programme of Chung Yuan start-up village, hoping with the resources in New Building (tentative name) can become the foundation of smart manufacturing in Taoyuan; bringing industry, academic and research into fully exercise, yet strive Taoyuan city to become ‘Asian Silicon Valley’.

(Mayor of Taoyuan city expected that New Building (tentative name) becoming a part of Chung Yuan startup village can help Taoyuan city operate more like a minimum valley. Besides, to bring practical efficiency upon key projects in Taoyuan city.)

(Chung Yuan Christen University graced supports from all fields during ceremonies.)

( Chung Yuan Christen University held a GLORIA opening ceremony on March 12. GLORIA CYCU was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. A lot of dignitaries gave supports by showing up at the ceremony.)