The important educational policies of CYCU are holistic Education, knowledge-action Integration and global Vision; College of engineering and College of electrical engineering & computer science of CYCU sign MOU on 7th, Nov. with The Henry Samueli School of engineering and applied science of UCLA for further exchanges of industries, enterprises and academia.

UCLA is the world’s leading university and its College of Engineering & Applied Science is the top 10 in the Global Engineering Institute, with many scientific research achievements and resources;CYCU has won the first place of private comprehensive university in Taiwan for 5 years (2014-2018, CWUR ranking). CYCU also won the first place in the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents; In recent years, CYCU had several outstanding performances. Since internationalization is the inevitable trend of leading schools, this time signing MOU with UCLA, CYCU gained a new strong partner on the international stage.

The presence attesting witnesses of the day are Professor Meng-Hui Li (Vice President of CYCU), Professor Tsair-Wang Chung (Dean of College of Engineering), Professor Shaou-Gang Miaou(Dean of College of Electrical and Computer Science), Professor Ta-Chin Wei(Vice President of Office of International and Cross-Strait Education), Professor Zhang Da De(Executive Operation Office for Industry-Academia Cooperation). The VIPs from UCLA are Professor YANG ZHEN MING (Associate Dean of College Engineering and Applied Science) and Professor GAO WEI XIONG (Consultant of Institutes of Advanced Technology.

President of CYCU, Professor Samuel K.C. Chang said, signing MOU with UCLA symbolize a new milestone for College of Engineering and College of Electrical and Computer Science of CYCU. I hope that with the professional background and experience of the two consultants, the substantive and in-depth exchanges at the departmental level, the academic level and even the school level.

step into international exchanges. President of CYCU, Professor Samuel K.C. Chang hope that professional background and experience of the two consultants can lead to departmental level, college level and even university level in-depth exchanges between two universities and strengthen our university capacity of industry-academia cooperation on the international stage.

Professor GAO WEI XIONG is also an associate director of Technology Transfer Promotion Center, UCLA (ITA, UCLA);ITA has three commissions. First of all, ITA provides strategic suggestions and planning for graduate school’s teachers and students in the university and strive for research funds to ensure sustainable development. Second, as for academia research and development results, ITA conduct systematic management, value-added and promotion planning. Third, ITA also supports startups through providing equipment, funds and allowing them to use university’s own technology. Through long-term feedback from startups, ITA can re-invest the funds to the university.

In addition, ITA is a bridge between enterprises and university. Meeting industries’ needs, ITA is a strong technical backing for enterprises’ innovative research and development. ITA’s idea and operation model has the same values as Global Research & Industry Alliance of CYCU. Professor WANG JIA YE, CEO of EOOIA , shared his experience with Professor GAO WEI XIONG and has further expectations for future exchanges between the two universities.

He said that the cooperation between CYCU and UCLA ITA is important and inevitable because talents mainly depend on industries. The ideas and innovations of research can take into practice through operation of industries. CYCU focuses on what industries’ needs and provide assistance for enterprises development. At the same time, CYCU also strive for resources from enterprises. Through this virtuous circle, CYCU and Research & Industry Alliance will be stronger and stronger in the future.